2022 In Review

2022 In Review

Witness the Amazing Results of PureWave™ Cells in Beehives

Happy 2023

To All 4RBees Supporters


2022 In Review

Last year was a particularly bad year for our little bees and widely considered to be one of the worst years on record for mass die-offs.

In the spring, when the beehives were “unpacked” for the season, many beekeepers found completely wiped out colonies and this dreadful discovery was experienced all over the world.

Some regions experienced 90% die-offs and most other areas experienced at least a 50% die-off rate or higher.

Sadly, beekeepers are getting used to these expectations over the years as it has become more and
more common and getting increasingly worse. 

The good news is that the beehives with 4RBees PureWave™ Cells experienced no die-offs.  Zero!

The colonies were strong and robust from the PureWave™
Frequencies and remained healthy and strong enough to survive the harsh winter conditions and were quick to get to work and start foraging. This is the earliest sign of a healthy hive in the spring.

As the season shifted into the longer days of summer, the PureWave™ hives were robust and healthy and greatly increased in numbers and they were foraging earlier in the morning and returning to their hives much later in the day.

During the honey harvest time this past fall we continued to see that the PureWave™ hives produced as much as 3 to 5 times more honey as compared to non treated hives. This is a very welcomed benefit to our beekeepers.

The other good news, thanks to you, is that beekeepers that were blessed with PureWave™ Cells for a portion of their hives, were able to rebuild their fallen colonies from the healthy hives without having to spend the money to buy more brood.

This is a huge benefit to the small independent, family run apiaries that generally cannot afford to buy new bee
colonies year after year.

As a result of the massive die-offs, more and more small beekeepers are choosing not to continue their beekeeping businesses and also because of the rising costs of buying and re-building new colonies. Some beekeepers just cannot afford to stay in business.

This is not good news for consumers as the availability of local, pure, quality bee products declines and  adulterated sugar laden honey products from mega-conglomerates and foreign suppliers take up the empty shelf space that our local beekeepers otherwise filled.

Additionally, as more local small businesses decline, the entire local community suffers a little more as less jobs are available
and less revenue is generated which is income that would normally be spent and shared within their own communities.

This is also bad news for growers of foods and herbs because it increases their costs for importing bee colonies from other regions to pollinate their crops.

Remember if there are no pollinators then there will eventually be no food and no nutritional supplements and in the meantime costs will skyrocket for the simple things we currently take for granted.

This is a bigger problem than most people realize.

How many butterflies or other wild pollinators have you seen this last year? Have you noticed a serious decline in
bird species and populations as well?

In some areas it’s getting almost dystopian. There are
literally no black flies in some regions and even very few mosquitoes so all wildlife is being negatively affected.

The good news is we can change it.

If we all come together and do our part, whatever we can, then things will turn around.

Good always wins in the end but we personally must take the responsibility to ensure this happens.

The 4RBees bio-diversity initiatives, in conjunction with the beekeepers and non-profit groups, helps provide both managed and wild pollinator species with organic foraging which in turn is beneficial for wildlife and growers in these communities, so it’s good for everyone and we are seeing the difference it makes.

We just need to do more of it.

Well done supporters!

You are making a huge difference and we hope you can continue to support our mission in the coming New Year as the bees and their beekeepers, the farmers and growers and all the insects and animals, need our help.

Please help us save more bees and please help us save our precious planet.

Your involvement is changing the world for the better and the credit goes to you!

Here at 4RBees, our teams are incredibly grateful for your contributions, your financial support and for sharing the message with as many people you can and we trust you are enjoying our special healthy and wholesome frequency based products in return.

Please try more PureWave™ products when you can. It really helps.

We Thank You,
The Planet Thanks You

and The Bees Really Thank You.

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