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A very special gift from the bees for everyone to enjoy!

Our Limited Edition 4Rbees Gift Box is beautifully presented in a unique custom designed package that will have everyone amazed and asking about it.

Inside the golden wrapping you will find 1 jar of delicious and healthy 4RBees PureWave Organic Raw Creamed Honey, 1 PureWave Organic Beeswax Lip Balm, 1 PureWave Beeswax Decorative Candle and Two 4RBees Bracelets hand fashioned from recycled materials (one with Black cord and one with Blue cord).

Give a bracelet or two to your children or friends or family and let them know that they can be proud to show that by wearing these, they have helped to save thousands of bees and support the 4RBees Mission to Save Bees Globally and Organically.

Try the PureWave Beeswax Lip Balm and feel the difference from all the other lip balms as it glides on so clean, pure and invisible and lasts for hours at a time.

Try a spoonful of our delicious PureWave Organic Raw Creamed Honey and share it with friends and family and let us know if its not the best tasting honey you've ever had. Close your eyes, relax and enjoy the the harmonized energetic frequencies as it floats over your tongue and is absorbed into your body with healthy vibrations and cell boosting energy.

At the end of the day light the PureWave Beeswax Candle and meditate on the healing that we all need for ourselves and for our planet and especially for the bees.

As you enjoy these unique and wonderful gifts from our special little friends, feel grateful for the gifts we give and receive throughout our lives and for the contribution and love you have given the bees with your kind pledge of support.

The Bees thank you.



4RBees Limited Edition Gift BoxPureWave™ Lip Balm (3 Pack)

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All of our PureWave Frequency Charged products are not found anywhere else and proudly display how many bees you helped save.

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I'm so happy someone has finally developed a technology that actually saves bees and a project that I can easily be a part of. I love that I'm helping the bees and actually making a positive impact for the planet. The healthy rewards are bonus. I love it!

Suzzane W.

New York, NY


The Wildflower Planting Parties are so worthwhile. I never realized that the biggest problem bees face is finding enough proper food. It's now easy for us all to change that. Thanks guys.

George D

Barrie, Ontario


Best lip balm I've ever used. I usually buy mine at health stores because drugstore stuff is horrible. The PureWave Lip Balm goes on light and clean and disappears like it's not even there but my lips stay soft all day and I actually use a lot less.

Kelly W.

Grey Highlands, Ontario


Resonance is a powerful thing. Brent and Jake's breakthrough technology is saving bees and creating wonderful energetic products while bringing people together to provide more organic biodiversity for all wildlife.

Well done guys!

John R.

Los Angeles, California


This is crazy. I tried to remove the PureWave Cell from my beehive and they really got angry with me. I had to put it back in to settle them down. They're all happy now.

Eric B.

Blue Mountains, Ontario