4RBees is a mission-driven enterprise that uses a revolutionary quantum field technology that we call PureWave.

Every purchase and pledge you make helps to build and install our life-saving, all-natural, PureWave™ Cells into beehives that are owned by small, independent beekeepers FOR FREE!

Our PureWave Cells are placed inside beehives to supercharge the immune system of the honeybee which helps prevent colony collapse disorder and winter die-off.

Unpasteurized honey from PureWave beehives are then activated by our Chrysalis Energizer that uses a patented rotational quantum magnetic field technology to enhance the electrical properties of the honey. This process allows for better absorption and bioavailability of the honey inside our digestive systems.

4RBees also increases bio-diversity by providing non-GMO medicinal wildflower seeds for planting initiatives to provide the bees with nectar that is free of pesticides.

By purchasing our unique "energized" gifts from the bees, you become part of a Global Bee Rescue and Bio-Diversity Movement that will save billions of bees, plant millions of wildflowers and help countless small independent beekeepers in struggling communities globally.