Things You Can Do To Support 4RBEES!

Chemical pesticides, fertilizers, herbicides, and neonicotinoids (one of the most harmful to bees) are detrimental to the bee's food chain. Stop using chemicals and just start using organic products and natural solutions. This is the first step you can take to start saving bees.  Roadside ditches are one of the last few places left where wildflowers can naturally bloom. Write a letter to your local government officials and get them to take action to stop spraying and cutting ditches.
Bee Organic!
Organic wildflower gardens are rich in pollen and nectar. They can be easily started in your own backyard or in window boxes, flower pots, and planters. Purchase Organic NON-GMO Wildflowers at your local store and invite friends over for a planting party! Have them make a pledge to receive their own bracelets and other cool rewards for a Bee Rescue experience. Take pics, post on social media and create memorable moments.
Bee Active!
Visit our STORE and make a pledge for unique products not available anywhere else.You instantly become a proud member of our Global Bee Rescue and Bio-Diversity Program.
Purchase PureWave Bracelets, Lip Balm, Honey and Candles for friends and family to contribute to our mission. Pledges help pay for PureWave Cells for insertion inside beehives all around the world. Get the word out and get involved as we come up with more unique and rare “frequency” charged products for everyone to enjoy while we all save the bees together.
Bee Helpful!
Post our website on your social media to promote the 1000 Bees A Month Club that maximizes your impact. Your fundraising events create community building and information sharing opportunities that inspire others while raising awareness to save more bees and save our planet for future generations. It’s an easy, fun way to make a serious impact. Everyone gets to enjoy 4RBees PureWave Unpasturized Frequency Honey and other great frequency charged reward items as well.
Bee Vocal!
Bees harvest most of their nectar from trees.  The blooms provide thousands of blossoms to feed from. Trees are an essential habitat for wild bee species to make a home. Tree leaves and resin provide nesting material for bees, while natural wood cavities make excellent shelters. With deforestation and urban development on the rise, tree-planting parties are a great way to meet more like minded bee-utiful souls.
Bee Inspired!
Bees get thirsty foraging and collecting nectar. They need refreshing healthy clean water at regular intervals. Purchase a shallow bird bath or bowl and fill with pure water (not tap water). Place pebbles and stones inside so that they break the water’s surface to allow Bees to land for a long, refreshing drink. It’s a Bee  Happy Hour Bar all day long.
We hope these ideas inspire you to save the bees and have fun while doing it. Share your suggestions with us. Join our Global Bee Rescue Program by pledging and supporting our mission. It's an immensely rewarding experience.
Bee Authentic!
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I'm so happy someone has finally developed a technology that actually saves bees and a project that I can easily be a part of. I love that I'm helping the bees and actually making a positive impact for the planet. The healthy rewards are bonus. I love it!

Suzzane W.

New York, NY


The Wildflower Planting Parties are so worthwhile. I never realized that the biggest problem bees face is finding enough proper food. It's now easy for us all to change that. Thanks guys.

George D

Barrie, Ontario


Best lip balm I've ever used. I usually buy mine at health stores because drugstore stuff is horrible. The PureWave Lip Balm goes on light and clean and disappears like it's not even there but my lips stay soft all day and I actually use a lot less.

Kelly W.

Grey Highlands, Ontario


Resonance is a powerful thing. Brent and Jake's breakthrough technology is saving bees and creating wonderful energetic products while bringing people together to provide more organic biodiversity for all wildlife.

Well done guys!

John R.

Los Angeles, California


This is crazy. I tried to remove the PureWave Cell from my beehive and they really got angry with me. I had to put it back in to settle them down. They're all happy now.

Eric B.

Blue Mountains, Ontario