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Are you passionate about the environment, biodiversity, and saving the bees?

Join us in our mission to make a real difference in the world. At 4RBees, we're on a mission to rescue and revitalize bee populations through innovative technology and sustainable practices, and we need your help to spread the buzz!

Why Become a 4RBees Afilliate Partner?

🌼 Save the Bees: Every purchase and pledge you help generate contributes to the installation of life-saving PureWave™ Cells in beehives, preventing colony collapse disorder and supporting beekeepers.

🌱 Boost Biodiversity: Get involved in planting initiatives by providing non-GMO medicinal wildflower seeds, creating pesticide-free havens for our precious pollinators.

🌏 Global Impact: By becoming an affiliate, you become a part of the Global Bee Rescue and Bio-Diversity Movement, saving billions of bees, planting millions of wildflowers, and aiding independent beekeepers worldwide.

🍯 Energize Your Earnings: Promote our unique "energized" bee gifts and earn commissions while helping bees thrive. Our Chrysalis Energizer enhances honey's properties, making it even more appealing to conscious consumers.

🚀 Revolutionary Technology: 4RBEES uses revolutionary magnetic field technology to create the PureWave, leading the way in sustainable beekeeping practices.

We’re leading a global movement to protect bees and our planet, and you’re invited!


• 35% Commission on all Direct Affiliate Link Sales
• 30% Commission on all Recurring Sales to your customers for 365 days
• 30% Commission on Discounted Sales using your 20% Off Coupon Code for your customers

• You will earn 10% of your Sub Affiliates earnings.
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âś“ Accurate Tracking and Commission Reporting

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âś“ Interview Opportunities with Company Founders

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âś“ PAYOUT: Every Week on Friday (min $100 earned)


âś“ TARGET AUDIENCE: People looking for a healthy natural approach to their personal lives, their pets, their food and with their purchases supporting a universal movement to help save the bees and the planet.

Join us in our mission to make a real difference in the world.

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PureWave™ Cell + Honey (Case of 12)
PureWave™ Cell + Honey (Case of 12)
PureWave™ Cell + Honey (Case of 12)
PureWave™ Cell + Honey (Case of 12)

PureWave™ Cell + Honey (Case of 12)

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PureWave™ Cell + Honey (Case of 12)