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"If you want to discover the secrets of the universe, think in terms of Energy, Frequency and Vibration."
Nikola Tesla 
The Secret Formula - Sacred Geometry
Every PureWave™ Cell consist of 12 powerful neodymium magnets that are placed in a geometric pattern inside a hard protective case so that their attracting and opposing polarities can create a spiral force field of quantum energy that rises outwards for several feet in all directions. This pure wave of magnetic energy has an important biological effect on living matter. Pathogens are minimized while beneficial microbes are enhanced. 
Why is this important?
Important research prove pesticides are weakening the honey bee's immune system which protect against the growth of pathogens such a E.coli. 
Honey bees travel for several miles from the hive to forage for nectar by following the natural low frequency geomagnetic field that emanates from the Earth. Modern wireless communication technologies - known as electro-smog, have the potential to overpower the Earth's natural magnetic which can result in compromising the bees navigational systems. Additionally, bees absorb this electro-smog which additionally weakens their immune systems. 
PureWave™ Cells mitigate the negative effects of chemical pollution and harmful electromagnetic fields when they move through the spiral quantum geomagnetic field that emanate from the PureWave cell. 
Features and Benefits
    Safe & Simple to Use - Just place the PureWave™ Cell into the hive entrance and let the magnetic fields do the work!
    Strong & Durable ​- Manufactured to last with a 20 Year warranty. 
    No EMFs - Only natural frequencies are created using the rare earth magnets, not electric or digital frequencies.  
    No Chemicals - Nothing but PureWave™ Frequencies created naturally.
    Good For Pets, Plants and People - Natural PureWave™  fields benefit all life forms with well-being and negate harmful microbes.
    Good For Foods - Simply place on The PureWave (TM) Cell for five minutes and have the quantum field reduce pathogenic log count in food.  This is scientifically proven and you can read the laboratory reports on this website. 
    No Operator Error - Simply place the PureWave™ Cell where you want the frequency to flow. Simple, Easy and Safe.


It's a patented technology, consisting of three rotating cylinders that house hundreds of neodymium magnets, all spinning in synchronization at adjustable RPMs to produce specific frequencies and harmonics. Honey that comes from hives exposed to the PureWave cells are then further energized in our warehouses by the Chrysalis Energizer. It works like Hoemopapthy that uses frequencies to heal.  

PMF is a holistic supplement that infuses the honey with electrical energy. It enhances electron flow which allows for better absorption inside cells of the human body. 

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I'm so happy someone has finally developed a technology that actually saves bees and a project that I can easily be a part of. I love that I'm helping the bees and actually making a positive impact for the planet. The healthy rewards are bonus. I love it!

Suzzane W.

New York, NY


The Wildflower Planting Parties are so worthwhile. I never realized that the biggest problem bees face is finding enough proper food. It's now easy for us all to change that. Thanks guys.

George D

Barrie, Ontario


Best lip balm I've ever used. I usually buy mine at health stores because drugstore stuff is horrible. The PureWave Lip Balm goes on light and clean and disappears like it's not even there but my lips stay soft all day and I actually use a lot less.

Kelly W.

Grey Highlands, Ontario


Resonance is a powerful thing. Brent and Jake's breakthrough technology is saving bees and creating wonderful energetic products while bringing people together to provide more organic biodiversity for all wildlife.

Well done guys!

John R.

Los Angeles, California


This is crazy. I tried to remove the PureWave Cell from my beehive and they really got angry with me. I had to put it back in to settle them down. They're all happy now.

Eric B.

Blue Mountains, Ontario