4Rbees PureWave™

Creamed Raw Honey

4RBees PureWave™ Honey
4RBees PureWave™ Honey
4RBees PureWave™ Honey
4RBees PureWave™ Honey
4RBees PureWave™ Honey

4RBees PureWave™ Honey

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A Natural Gift from the Bees and a Powerful Choice for Ourselves!

4RBees PureWave Energized Raw Honey is carefully crafted from our network of selected beekeepers and sourced "fair-trade" only from hives treated with PureWave Cells. It is a pure superfood food that is 100% free of any added sugars, colourants or adulterants.

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4RBees PureWave Energized Honey

The Difference

4RBees PureWave Energized Honey is not heated, pasteurized or filtered beyond 400 microns retaining all of its precious minerals, enzymes and nutrients. Our energetically charged Honey is not found anywhere else in the world other than through our website and our authorized affiliates.

4RBees PureWave Energized Honey tastes great and is a unique and powerful nutritious superfood only available to people who support our mission to save bees globally and organically. Every jar of honey and product we offer prominently shows how your pledge helped save bees. So try our honey, support our mission and help us Save The Bees Today!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

You're Awesome because

Your Support Also Funds

Advocacy For Bee Health

Community Pollinator Education

Wildlife Clean up Crews

Research and Technology

International Bee Organizations

The Bees Are Busy

working to make more healthy and delicious PureWave frequency charged products just so you can enjoy the fruits of their labour while continuing to save more bees. The Bees Thank You

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